Yuko Yanagawa
24.05.2024 / 19.00 @ Kesselhaus

With Yuko Yanagawa, one of the world’s best tremolo players will be on stage at the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL. In Germany, the tremolo harmonica is rarely found on stage. On this instrument, two reeds are set in vibration for each note. Because their tuning differs slightly from one another, it creates the typical tremolo effect when played. Yuko Yanagawa is a master on this instrument. Her unique playing style allows her to expand the musical potential of the harmonica enormously. She fills the stage with almost inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. Her repertoire ranges from traditional Japanese folk pieces to classical and Latin American music.

At the festival in Berlin, Yuko Yanagawa will be accompanied by Meiji Takahashi. At the age of four, he began playing his first melodies on the piano. He has gained a reputation as both a musician and an arranger.

Yuko Yanagawa – tremolo harmonica
Meiji Takahashi – piano

Various techniques in playing tremolo harmonica

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