Marko Jovanović
24.05.2024 /19.00 @ Kesselhaus

Whether in blues, an Indian raga or a Balkan folk tune: Marko Jovanović sound is unique, honest and open, a musical embrace rarely experienced. His expressive playing is characterized by his love for the harmonica and a deep understanding of music. Coming from the blues, Jovanović has always explored different musical styles. He feels the prevailing mood and characteristics of each genre.

At the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL, Jovanović will be on stage with oud player Dražen Franolić, percussionist Nino Mureškič and viola player Emil Gabrić. With the Croatian-Slovenian Balkan jazz trio, he shares a curiosity for the musical diversity of southeastern European culture and its centuries-long intertwining with the Orient. In their unique music, the quartet merges traditional with modern sounds and improvisation.

This combination of oud, harmonica, viola, and various percussions (udu, frame drum & digital percussion) will transport the listener to exotic destinations – starting with rich and dense Balkan rhythms, moving away to jazz, blues, world, and ethno music, all the way to the far and dry Sahara. Their new vinyl Lost and Found will be released this year by Nota Bene Records.


supported by HOHNER

Marko Jovanović - harmonica (diat./chrom.)
Emil Gabrić - viola
Dražen Franolić - oud
Nino Mureškič - percussion

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