Joan Pau Cumellas
25.05.2024 / 18.30 @ Kesselhaus

One of Spain’s best diatonic harmonica players is Joan Pau Cumellas. Starting with the blues, he passionately explores the possibilities of his instrument in genres such as jazz and bluegrass. The versatile musician is committed to promoting the harmonica in Spain by organizing his own festival, among other things. His music can be heard on numerous recordings, commercials, and soundtracks.

Joan Pau Cumellas shares a love of swing manouche with guitarist Valentí Moya. In their interpretations and compositions in the tradition of Django Reinhard, Valentí Moya’s guitar paves the way for the diatonic harmonica of Joan Pau Cumellas. They masterfully create a space in which the harmonica and guitar pay tribute to swing.

Joan Pau Cumellas - diatonic harmonica
Valentí Moya – guitar

Master class
Jazz manouche on the diatonic harmonica

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