The Session Band feat. Bernd Kleinow
23.09.2022 / 23:00 @ Maschinenhaus

The Session Band unites four of the best musicians in Berlin. They are blues guitarist and singer Peter Schmidt, bassist Arcadius Didavi, drummer Tunde Agonglo and vibraphonist Lorenzo Bergamino. Together they have stood on the stage in many different ensembles. At the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVAL they are accompanied by double bass player and singer Ryan Donohue from New Orleans, drummer Max Grevenbrock, vibraphonist Lorenzo Bergamino, Carmelo Leotta (bass) and Lutz Schlosser (jazz guitar). The Session Band will not only accompany numerous session musicians, but they are also bringing along renowned special guest Bernd Kleinow.

Kleinow is a veteran of the East German harmonica scene. He was a founding member of the Stefan Diestelmann Folk Blues Band, and he was among the best-known harmonica players in the GDR (Eastern Germany). His playing demonstrates the perfection and accurracy that only a seasoned player can achieve. Straight ahead and up front!

Bernd Kleinow – harmonica
Peter Schmidt – guitar, vocals
Arcadius Didavi – bass
Max Grevenbrock – drums
Lorenzo Bergamino – vibraphone
Ryan Donohue – vocals, double bass
Carmelo Leotta – bass
Lutz Schlosser – jazz guitar

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