History Corner
24.09.2022 / 13:00-14:00 @ Studio

If you’d like to dive deeper into the remarkable history of the harmonica, then don’t miss Martin Häffner’s lecture. Martin is the director of the German Harmonica and Accordion Museum in Trossingen. In his lecture, historical milestones are peppered with anecdotes about an instrument that was lovingly called the mouth harp or pocket piano. The lecture is an exciting trip back in time, and Martin knows the history better than anyone.

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum opened its doors to harmonica enthusiasts from around the world in 1991. Through their ongoing academic research of the historical Hohner collection, the museum offers a comprehensive insight into the economic, social, musical and cultural history of the harmonica. The German Harmonica Museum is among the leading international centers for the history of the mouth harmonica.

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Martin Häffner – German Harmonica and Accordion Museum Trossingen

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