27.09.2020 / 19:00 @ Maschinenhaus

Together as HISS, Stefan Hiss, Michael Roth, Thomas Grollmus, Volker Schuh and Bernd Oehlenschlaeger have been sharing the stage for 25 years. They have played 2487 concerts and produced eight albums. Along the way, these five musicians from Stuttgart have been offering a refreshing, ecclectic mix of folk, ska, blues, polka, waltzes and good old rock and roll that has won over their audiences. Their lyrics and sense of humour underline how much fun music can be. In 2020, their anniversary year, HISS will be presenting us with a retrospective of a repertoire that spans 25 years. There will be new material, old favourites, dance numbers and songs to ponder, all served up in a full range of dynamics, tempos, and very fast tempos.
In HISS, Michael Roth plays the harmonica with accordion player Stefan Hiss in an empathic way that’s rarely heard on any stage.

Stefan Hiss – vocals, accordion
Michael Roth – harmonica, vocals
Thomas Grollmus – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Volker Schuh – bass
Bernd Öhlenschläger – drums, vocals

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