Gordon Lee
24.09.2022 / 18:30 @ Kesselhaus

The harmonica doesn’t need to hide behind the large host of traditional instruments in classical music; a fact that has been proven again and again by Asian musicians. We are honored to welcome Gordon Lee to Berlin. He is a young harmonica player who understands his instrument and classical music like no other from his generation. He is celebrated worldwide as a virtuoso musician whose harmonica playing brings a rich sensitivity to the genre. Gordon Lee will perform classical as well as blues and popular music. He will be accompanied by pianist Helen Cha. She is well-known for her expressive performing style.

At the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVAL, Gordon Lee will also present the sheng to the audience – the traditional Chinese instrument is considered to be the precursor of the reed instrument family, and the harmonica in particular.


Gordon Lee – chromatic harmonica, sheng
Helen Cha – piano

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