Doyle +
25.09.2022 / 18:30 @ Kesselhaus

When it comes to Irish music, Joel Andersson is one of the best diatonic harmonica players around. The Swedish born musician is among the best interpreters of Irish music worldwide, and in 2017 he finished 2nd at the World Harmonica Championships. At the HARMONICA F E  N FESTIVAL he takes the stage together with renowned singer Colm Doyle from Ireland.
Both are highly influenced by early recordings stretching from the Flanagan brothers to the Clancy brothers and their contemporaries. The duo has a dynamic, rhythmic, and highly expressive approach to their uptempo songs. However, neither are averse to slowing down the tempo with plaintive airs and somber laments when the mood sees fit.

Joel Andersson – harmonica
Colm Doyle – vocals

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