Doyle +
25.09.2022 / 18:30 @ Kesselhaus
Doyle & Andersson’s style of playing is relatively unusual in Irish music nowadays, scaled back as it is. Though it was very common years ago. Very few people consistently combine voice and a single melody instrument – and no one combining voice and harmonica. The duo work with both Irish dance music and songs, so not just ballads, often integrating the songs and tunes that they play. That they have great fun and a shared passion for the music can be clearly heard in their playing. They work very intuitively with dynamics, rhythm and pathos which makes the sound extremely tight when playing together.
The harmonica and this kind of Irish singing style seem to work very naturally together. Joel’s sense of melody and rhythm and Colm’s feeling for the songs, their intonation and rhythm complement each other. And of course they both like simplicity and energy of telling a good story through a song.
Joel Andersson – harmonica
Colm Doyle – vocals

Workshop "Irish Harmonica" wish Joel Andersson: 24.09.2022 / 14.15–15.30 @Maschinenhaus

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