Bill Barrett + Michaela Gomez
24.09.2022 / 18:30 @ Kesselhaus

Bill Barrett comes from traditional old time jazz, and it can be clearly stated, there’s no one else on the planet who plays the chromatic harmonica like him. Barrett experiments with modern playing techniques and in doing so, he has developed a completely unique sound. Originally, from Los Angeles, Barrett’s music encompasses a vast range stretching across blues, classical and jazz manouche. As a singer and harmonica player, he played with the internationally renowned world music ensemble Hazmat Modine, and he can look back on a career spanning over 40 years as a concert and studio musician.

Michaela Gomez has been based in New York City for 25 years. She’s been a member of Hazmat Modine, and she is well-acquainted with Barrett’s experimental style of playing. The guitarist is comfortable with a remarkable range of styles including delta-blues, gypsy swing or the free jazz of Sun Ra. In the duo with Barrett, Gomez enchants you with her emotion packed fingerpicking, roots-oriented playing.

Bill Barrett – chromatic harmonica
Michaela Gomez – guitar

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