Sirius Ensemble
26.09.2020 / 21:30 @ Kesselhaus

The gentlemen of the traditional Berliner “Stern-Orchester” from the early 1920s would have loved this young ensemble. What the Taiwanese Sirius-Ensemble brings to the stage is an incredible sound experience, and to this day something, that is very rare to hear in Europe. These six musicians demonstrate the diversity of the harmonica in an impressive way. In the Sirius-Ensemble the harmonica is not just a solo instrument. It takes on roles that are usually reserved for very different kinds of instruments. With masterful virtuosity, the ensemble creates a unified sound with only the tiny reeds of the harmonica.

Chao-Teng Chang – chromatic harmonica

Ming-Hsien Tsai – chromatic harmonica

Q Chen – chromatic harmonica

Yen-Hua Wang – chord harmonica

Yen-Ming Emery Chen – chord harmonica

Kuan-Chih Huang – bass harmonica

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