Session with The LiveWires
25.09.2020 / 23:00 @ Maschinenhaus

After their Friday evening concert, The LiveWires will be hosting an open session. The LiveWires’ guitarist Jan Mohr will bring his biting sound and creative soloing to the session. Twenty-three-year-old drummer Henri Jerratsch who studied with master drummer Helge Zumdieck will lay down the grooves with British born Jeff Walker. Walker is a seasoned performer and rock solid on bass after touring with the likes of Magic Dick, James Harman, Billy Branch or the Dana Gillespie Band.

After over 60 live concerts together, The LiveWires have developed into a tightly knit musical unit that can churn out the grooves within a wide range of musical styles. At the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2019 in Trossingen, they once again demonstrated their expert skills as an accompanying band.

Jan Mohr – guitar
Jeff Walker – bass
Gina Baker – vocals
Henri Jerratsch – drums

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